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In 2019 we ran the Hackney Half Marathon with a whole group of our lovely friends as well as a dream team of TLP volunteers. On the 19th of May we got up bright and early, packed in our carbs (not a huge change from our normal morning routine), strapped on our gels and laced on our trainers to go join thousands on the start line in Hackney. There, amongst the pumping music and mass crowd warm ups, it was fantastic to be able to meet up with the other TLP volunteers running and to get on our snazzy TLP bibs which helped us to share with those around us the great cause we were running for.  Both at the start and on the route the atmosphere was brilliant with music, huge crowds and some amazing jelly baby stations along the way and with these incentives we all just about made it in one piece around the 21.1km!

Running with us directly we had 9 friends and we all knew we wanted to raise money for TLP due to the amazing impact it has for those who no longer feel life is worth living. We also know first-hand how unique the connections that TLP volunteers make with visitors are and the invaluable support they can offer.

As volunteers we have been able to witness the important work TLP does and the transformational impact it has, we couldn’t think of a better cause to endure blisters for. It was not hard to persuade our friends to also join the run and the fundraising. All had already heard us talking for many years about the organisation and life changing impact it has.

The race itself was also a brilliant booster for our wellbeing and health, not just from those running endorphins but knowing we were all working together to raise money and awareness for such an exceptional charity.

We know that without TLP those that feel suicidal are trapped in a revolving door of services or left to wait months on end on waiting lists. We wanted to be able to do our small part in making sure this isn’t the case.

This isn’t our first TLP fundraiser and it will not be our last: we love doing them and know that our funds will go directly towards making a huge difference to those in some of their darkest moments.